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Legal Notices

Article 1 This Website is intended to provide professional, safe and trustworthy digital-assets transaction and asset management services to the digital asset enthusiasts and investors from all over the world to the greatest extent possible without violating relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore. However, if the country or region where you are based is a jurisdiction where digital asset transactions are explicitly prohibited or a jurisdiction included in the list of sanctioned countries, you shall refrain from using the services provided by this Website.

Article 2 This Platform is committed to creating a compliant, safe and reliable digital asset trading environment for users thereof. Users thereof are prohibited from using this Website to engage in money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, malicious manipulation of the market and other illegal trading activities or illegal activities. In view of this, we, to the greatest extent possible, formulate a strict anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism program and take effective security risk control measures to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of users, and maintain the good reputation of the Platform

Article 3 When a competent authority, on the strength of relevant investigation warrant, requires the Platform to cooperate with it in investigating any specific User thereof, or to adopt such measures against the User’s account as closing or freezing such account or transferring assets from such account, this Website shall, after verifying the validity and authenticity of such warrant, provide the authority with relevant data of the User or carry out corresponding operations, so as to assist the investigation in accordance with the requirements of such competent authority. The Platform does not assume any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss that the User may sustain due to any disclosure of the User's privacy, or the User’s inability to operate his/her/its account due to such investigation.

Article 4 Users who use the services provided by this Website shall, before engaging in transactions, be aware that: digital assets are not backed by any government or central bank, and that the prices of digital assets are subject to significant fluctuations, and that the holding or use of digital assets is subject to significant risks. In view of this, before making a trading decision, you shall assess your own financial standing in a rational and prudent manner, to determine whether the proposed transaction is appropriate for you.

Article 5 If a user of this Website breaches any provision of this Statement and therefore violates any of the relevant laws of the Republic of Seychelles, this Website, as the provider of the Service hereunder, has the obligation to improve the rules and services of the Platform, provided, however, this Website does not have any motivation to violate any of such relevant laws of the Republic of Singapore, nor does it have any fact of violating such laws; therefore, this Website shall not be held jointly liable for any of the conducts of such user.

Article 6 A User who logs into this Website in any manner, or directly or indirectly uses the Services of this Website shall be deemed to agree with the content of this Statement and voluntarily agrees to be bound by this Statement.

Article 7 For matters not covered in this Statement, please refer to relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore. When this Statement conflicts with any of the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore, the latter shall prevail.