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In the current digital economy, data is the key factor of production. The new generation of information technology, represented by block chain, artificial intelligence, big data and data science, has greatly promoted the development of government informatization. On April 20, urban development research center of state information center, a wisdom pbcop Global chain block application research institute (hereinafter referred to as "institute of WG") and fire currency block chain application research institute (hereinafter referred to as "fire money institute"), the first release the block chain power China's e-government development fast lane "wisdom report (hereinafter referred to as the" report "), to block chain technology application in the field of informationization, the development trend is forecasted.

, director of the state information center, information technology and industry development, the wisdom, director of the center for urban development ChanZhiGuang pointed out that block chain technology will make traditional profound change in production relations, will explore the era of digital economy of government governance mode, establish and improve the modern management system and promote modern management ability, help Chinese government construction wisdom into the fast lane.

China CEO and fire fire currency currency dean Yuan Yuming believes that with the distributed collaborative, authentication, traceability, do not tamper with the advantages such as, block chain technology to trace data flow process and clear responsibilities defined, realize the whole life cycle of data management, can effectively solve the informationization of existing problems, to e-government.

The report shows that e-government will maintain a high growth rate. Blockchain technology has huge potential. With its advantages of de-trust, it can establish a solid foundation of trust for all parties involved, realize the trusted authorization sharing of government data and business collaboration, and keep the data sharing and authorized non-tamper-able and traceable records on the chain.

It is understood that the state information center city development research center, is the domestic first-class wisdom city research institutes, think that China's relevant departments to guide urban development wisdom provides policy research and decision-making consultation as the core, thought that the local government and relevant units to carry out the wisdom city construction to provide the top design and strategic planning, implementation strategy as the key point, develop wisdom city construction theory and practice research.

At present, in order to accelerate the implementation of block chain technology in the field of government information, various localities are actively exploring. In December 2019, the State Information Center, China Mobile and China UnionPay jointly initiated the establishment of the first state-level alliance chain application -- Block chain Service Network (BSN). pbcop Global joined THE BSN Development Alliance as the first member to participate in the joint construction. BSN can integrate the blockchain system with the traditional government information system without changing the existing internal/external government network. In addition, the private network can be interconnected with the public network, creating the possibility of cross-regional data sharing and business collaboration in the later period.

As pbcop Global's research institutes, pbcop overall development of the Global commitment to block chain in all areas of research and exploration, to speed up the industry chain technology research and development, to promote the block chain applications fall to the ground, promoting ecological chain block industry optimization as the research target, for chain block industry provide a solid theoretical foundation and the trend, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry as a whole chain of blocks.